The 2024 Colorado Writing Workshop: March 8-9, 2024

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 10.34.26 PM.pngAfter successful 2014, 2017, 2019, 2021, and 2023 events in Colorado, Writing Day Workshops is excited to announce The 2024 Colorado Writing Workshop — an online “How to Get Published” writing event on March 8-9, 2024. (Writers are welcome to attend virtually from everywhere and anywhere.)

This writing event is a wonderful opportunity to get intense instruction over the course of one day, pitch a literary agent or editor (optional), get your questions answered, and more. Note that there are limited online “seats” at the event (200 total). All questions about the event regarding schedule, details and registration are answered below. Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Colorado Writing Workshop!

ONLINE: Writing Day Workshops plans both in-person and virtual/online conferences. The 2024 CWW is an Online Conference, on March 8-9. Online events are easy and awesome, and the virtual events we’ve done thus far have received wonderful feedback. You do not have to be tech-savvy to do this, and understand we are keeping all aspects of a traditional in-person event, including one-on-one agent & editor pitching, which will now be done by Zoom or phone. Learn all details about what it means to have a writers conference online.)


This is a special two-day “How to Get Published” writing workshop on March 8-9, 2024. In other words, it’s two days full of classes and advice designed to give you the best instruction concerning how to get your writing & books published. We’ll discuss your publishing opportunities today, how to write queries & pitches, how to market yourself and your books, what makes an agent/editor stop reading your manuscript, and more. No matter what you’re writing — fiction or nonfiction — the day’s classes will help point you in the right direction. Writers of all genres are welcome. And even though this is the “Colorado” Writing Workshop, make no mistake — writers from everywhere are welcome to attend virtually. Our WDW writers conferences have helped dozens of writers find literary agent representation — see our growing list of success stories here.

This event is designed to squeeze as much into two days of learning as possible. You can ask any questions you like during the online classes, and get your specific concerns addressed. We will have literary agents online to give feedback and take pitches from writers, as well. This year’s 2024 CWW agent & editor faculty so far includes:

  • literary agent Kate Davids (Arc Literary)
  • literary agent Monica Rodriguez (Context Literary)
  • literary agent Dani Segelbaum (Carol Mann Agency)
  • literary agent Paul Levine (Paul Levine Literary)
  • literary agent Kelly Peterson (Rees Literary)
  • literary agent Kate Rogers (K.O. Media Management)
  • literary agent Mara Cobb (Martin Literary Management)
  • literary agent James Mustelier (The Bent Agency)
  • literary agent Keir Alekseii (Azantian Literary)
  • literary agent Katie Reed (Andrea Hurst & Associates)
  • literary agent Trinica Sampson-Vera (New Leaf Literary + Media)
  • literary agent Annie Bomke (Annie Bomke Literary)
  • literary agent Sophia Ramos (New Leaf Literary + Media)
  • literary agent Paula Weiman (Ash Literary)
  • literary agent Ksenia Tserkovskaya (The Deborah Harris Agency)
  • literary agent Maria Vicente (P.S. Literary)
  • literary agent Mindi St Peter (BAM Management)
  • literary agent Matt Belford (New Leaf Literary + Media)
  • literary agent Morgan Hughes (Fineprint Literary)
  • literary agent Vicky Weber (The Purcell Agency)
  • literary agent Stephanie Winter (P.S. Literary)
  • literary agent Kat Kerr (Donald Maass Literary Agency)
  • literary agent Kesia Lupo (The Bindery)
  • and more agents to come.

By the end of the day, you will have all the tools you need to move forward on your writing journey. This independent event is organized by coordinator Brian Klems of Writing Day Workshops. Contact Brian at to register, and say you’re interested in the Colorado event.


ONLINE: Writing Day Workshops plans both in-person and virtual/online conferences. The 2024 CWW is an Online Conference, on March 8-9. Online events are easy and awesome, and the virtual events we’ve done thus far have received wonderful feedback. You do not have to be tech-savvy to do this, and understand we are keeping all aspects of a traditional in-person event, including one-on-one agent & editor pitching, which will now be done by Zoom or phone. Learn all details about what it means to have a writers conference online.)


What you see below is a quick layout of the day’s events. See a full layout of the day’s sessions, with detailed descriptions, on the official Schedule Page here.

Agent pitches and critique consultations overlap with Saturday sessions. The schedule of presentation topics below is subject to change and updates:



* * * * *



Agent pitches and critique consultations overlap with Saturday sessions. The schedule of presentation topics below is subject to change and updates:

(What you see here is a quick layout of the day’s events. See a full layout of the day’s sessions, with detailed descriptions, on the official Schedule Page here.)

Agent & Editor Pitching: All throughout the day.



Trinica Sampson-Vera is a literary agent with New Leaf Literary & Media. Trinica is accepting children’s and adult fiction and nonfiction. Across age groups, she loves adventurous, character-driven stories with largely emotional stakes. Trinica is passionate about championing diverse and marginalized voices. Some of the things she is specifically seeking include: speculative fiction (especially horror, cozy-to-high fantasy, hopepunk, and near future science fiction); romance and romcoms (especially featuring sapphic/queer relationships); Caribbean (especially Trinidad & Tobago) characters/settings; reality TV premises; and retellings. Learn more about Trinica here.

Kate Rogers is a literary agent and licensing coordinator at K.O. Media Management. Wishlist: Kate loves both adult and YA graphic novels and prose, primarily contemporary realistic fiction, horror/thriller, romance, sci-fi, women’s fiction, and narrative nonfiction. She is interested in character-driven narratives that subvert familiar tropes or conventions and especially would love to help champion under-represented voices. Kate is not currently seeking out anything younger than YA, or fantasy-heavy stories. Learn more about Kate here.

Mara Cobb is a literary agent with Martin Literary Management. “Currently, I am looking for adult nonfiction and women’s driven fiction. For women’s driven fiction, I am particularly interested in books with strong female heroines who are in their 20s. The gap between YA Fiction and adult fiction is one that I am passionate about continuing to bridge. I also am looking for Christian fiction, Christian romance (think Hallmark-style), and Christian YA. Learn more about Mara here.

Morgan Hughes is a literary agent with FinePrint Literary. Morgan is seeking middle grade and young adult fantasy / adventure with a particular interest in graphic novels. She is also interested in YA, new adult, and adult romance. She loves unique narratives, strong voices, and impressive world-building, but is also drawn to small town vibes and sports settings. She is currently not seeking picture books, science fiction, thrillers/mysteries, or nonfiction. Learn more about Morgan here.

Kat Kerr is a literary agent with Donald Maass Literary Agency. Kat feels strongly about supporting programs like We Need Diverse Books and is passionate about creating space in this industry for those from historically marginalized communities. She is actively seeking to grow her client list and is particularly hungry for magical realism, literary leaning speculative (fantasy) and science fiction, women’s fiction, YA works with a lot of heart, and narrative nonfiction with something to say. In fiction, she seeks literary, upmarket, women’s, rom-coms, multicultural, speculative, magical realism, family saga, young adult, and select sci-fi and fantasy. In nonfiction, she seeks narrative nonfiction and journalistic nonfiction tackling current affairs and social justice issues, particularly covering topics of racism, immigration, LGBTQIA+ rights, gender equality, and poverty. She also represents select biographies and memoirs. Learn more about Kat here.

Vicky Weber is a literary agent with The Purcell Agency. She is seeking: Picture Books (anything heartfelt, educational, or lighthearted); Young Adult (fantasy, mystery, horror, thriller, suspense); Middle Grade (fantasy, mystery, magic); and Adult Fiction (fantasy and thrillers). Vicky specializes in picture books. She wants to be dropped into the moment and experience the story alongside the characters. She is always seeking underrepresented authors, BIPOC, LGBTQ+. Learn more about Vicki here.

Katie Reed is a literary agent with Andrea Hurst & Associates. Katie currently works as an agent and literary scout, and is looking for compelling, standout projects to champion. She is open for submissions in the following genres: commercial women’s fiction with a strong hook and market appeal; historical fiction (Favorite authors include Ruta Sepyts, Kate Quinn, Kristin Hannah, Taylor Jenkins Reid); women’s suspense/thriller (especially with unreliable narrators or an ending with an unforeseen twist); fiction with a fantastical angle (a la The Midnight Library by Matt Haig); retellings, similar to Circe by Madeline Miller; young adult contemporary or fantasy; and middle grade. Learn more about Katie here.

James Mustelier is a literary agent with The Bent Agency. I’m looking for a range of commercial and literary fiction and nonfiction. In all genres (but particularly in literary fiction) I prize economical prose, complex characters, steadily building tension, narrative gravity, and the momentary relief of dark humor, even (or especially) amid dire circumstances. In commercial fiction I’m looking for compact horror and mysteries with big hooks and intricate plotting. In sci-fi and fantasy I’m drawn to stories that are grounded in reality and have high stakes that touch on contemporary issues — more speculative fiction and alternate histories than high fantasy or space opera. In nonfiction I’m looking for books that give me a vivid look into subcultures and events I might not otherwise have had the chance to explore. Much of my favorite nonfiction melds a distinct narrative voice with rigorous research. In young adult and middle grade I’m interested in epic fantasy, grounded sci-fi, and irreverent retellings of fairy tales, classic myths, and historical events. I’m specifically seeking stories written from diverse perspectives that draw from underrepresented cultures.” Learn more about James here.

Sophia M. Ramos is a literary agent with New Leaf Literary + Media. She represents commercial to upmarket genre-blending fiction for adult, YA and select middle-grade projects. Sophia loves intentional, lush prose combined with propulsive plots and thoughtfully complex family dynamics. She gravitates toward speculative books rooted in history or culture that have elements of romance, mystery, and horror. She strives to build a list that speaks to traditionally underrepresented voices and intersectional identities. Learn more about Sophia here.

Paula Weiman is a literary agent with Ash Literary. In middle grade, she seeks: literary stories that touch on grief and/or queer identity and don’t rely heavily on a school setting; clever middle grade adventures that operate on multiple levels; historical middle grade if and only if it tackles children’s labor rights. In young adult, she like suspense; thrillers, contemporary, and fantasy. “Across these genres and age categories, I welcome stories about marginalized characters and stories written by marginalized authors. I especially invite Jewish stories.” Learn more about Paula here.

Annie Bomke is a literary agent with Annie Bomke Literary Agency. She represents a wide variety of adult and YA fiction and nonfiction, including commercial and literary fiction, upmarket fiction, mysteries (from hilarious cozies to gritty police procedurals and everything in between), historical fiction, women’s fiction, psychological thrillers, literary/psychological horror, self-help, business, health/diet, cookbooks, memoir, relationships, current events, psychology, and narrative nonfiction. Learn more about Annie here.

Matt Belford is a literary agent with New Leaf Literary + Media. Matt is primarily looking for nonfiction projects with unique takes and fresh ideas to be explored. In the adult science fiction and fantasy realm, as well as the adult graphic novel space, he is looking for character-driven works that get to the heart of emotionality; he wants to laugh and cry with your characters. No matter the genre, Matt is looking for under-represented voices. Learn more about Matt here.

Dani Segelbaum is a literary with the Carol Mann Agency. Dani joined the agency in 2021 as a literary agent and subrights manager. She is interested in both fiction and nonfiction. Dani is seeking nonfiction titles with an emphasis on politics, women’s issues, popular culture, and current events. Dani also loves memoir, narrative nonfiction, lifestyle, and cookbooks. In fiction, she is looking for literary and upmarket adult fiction including debut, historical, rom-coms, mysteries, and women’s fiction. In both fiction and nonfiction, Dani hopes to work with authors from diverse backgrounds to tell stories that are important to them. She loves compelling narrators and is drawn to writing that is voice-driven, highly transporting, and features unique perspectives and marginalized voices. Learn more about Dani here.

Kesia Lupo is a literary agent with The Bindery. “I consider middle-grade and YA my specialty and would love to represent authors writing for these age groups. But I’d love to return to my roots and also represent adult genre fiction in science fiction / fantasy and horror. I’m an omnivore in my reading taste and I would love my list to reflect that – so, while I’ve tried to be exhaustive, if you have something that doesn’t quite fit then please don’t hesitate to pitch anyway! In general, I’m looking for fiction for middle grade, YA and adult readers – and also a smattering of popular, accessible nonfiction. Across age groups, I’m a big fan of original fantasy, accessible but smart science fiction, paranormal or creepy horror, thrillers (especially if they have a shocking twist!), dark academia and basically all stories that help me escape or make me question everything. I majored in History so I love a bit of historical fiction too, as long as it’s done in a fun and accessible way – and I enjoy romance. For nonfiction, I’m looking at narrative nonfiction with broad appeal – I love books about psychology and big political, cultural or historical topics.” Learn more about Kesia here.

Keir Alekseii is a literary agent with Azantian Literary Agency. Keir is seeking YA & Adult sci-fi / fantasy / horror and YA contemporary novels. She is ONLY open to taking pitches from writers who identify as belonging to a marginalized or underrepresented community. Across all genres, Keir loves complex, smart, emotional characters and they would love to see more books with morally gray, unapologetic characters. Genre blending and/or bending books are welcome. Retellings or re-imaginings that match her wish list are welcome. Learn more about Keir here.

Kelly Peterson (she/her) is a literary agent with Rees Literary. Kelly seeks books in various genres within Middle Grade, Young Adult, and Adult age ranges. In Middle Grade, she’s looking for: Fantasy and sci-fi; contemporary that touches on tough issues for young readers. In Young Adult, she’s looking for: Genres from contemporary, to high fantasy, to sci-fi (not the space kind) to paranormal (all the ghost stories, please!) and historical all the way back to rom-coms. In Adult, Kelly represents: Romance, fantasy, and sci-fi. She is very interested in representing authors with marginalized own voices stories, witty and unique characters, pirates, witches, and dark fantasies. Learn more about Kelly here.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 1.37.27 PMPaul S. Levine is a literary agent and the founder of Paul S. Levine Literary. He is also an attorney. His fiction interests include adventure novels, mainstream fiction, mysteries, romance, thrillers, and women’s fiction. His nonfiction interests include business/commerce, pop culture, how-to, self-help, politics/law, relationships, and sports. Learn more about Paul here.

Kate Davids is a literary agent with Arc Literary Management. Kate is looking for nonfiction projects, particularly practical nonfiction, in cooking, personal finance, business, pets/animals, gardening, mental health, and new age. She also enjoys history books that delve into interesting subcultures, like anime or tabletop RPGs. In fiction, Kate has a soft spot for science fiction and fantasy that has great action and world building that leverages real world cultures or histories. She loves fiction that represents diverse cultural backgrounds in their settings and characters. For children’s books, Kate is looking for titles that can help both parents and their children explore the world together. This includes bi-lingual books and books about travel and multi-culturalism. She also likes a good laugh and an “aww” moment or two. Learn more about Kate here.

Monica Rodriguez is a literary agent at Context Literary. Monica is looking to uplift underrepresented voices, including, (but not limited to) authors who identify as People of Color (BIPOC), disabled, neurodiverse, and LGBTQ+. In children’s literature, she is actively looking for PB, MG, YA & Graphic Novels. She is also open to adult and nonfiction submissions. Across all genres & age groups, she’d love to find: stories about identity, specifically first-gen stories or immigrant experiences; stories about self-love with coming-of-age themes. (I believe we are always coming-of-age, regardless of age!); stories about family relationships, messy/dysfunctional families or found families; stories about sibling relationships or cousin relationships, specifically navigating adult sibling relationships or cousin relationships with cultural differences. (i.e. first-gen themes); stories about travel, where the book is set outside the U.S. or even traveling to the U.S.; stories with messy characters who are trying their best; stories with characters who are curious about therapy or where mental health is advocated for; stories about badass women doing badass things; stories about cultures that are rarely explored. Learn more about Monica here.

Ksenia Tserkovskaya is a literary agent with The Deborah Harris Agency. Ksenia is interested in literary and upmarket fiction and creative non-fiction, with an occasional children’s book. She works with titles in English, Russian, and Hebrew. Now based in Israel, Ksenia has received her BA in Jewish Studies and Philology from the Moscow State University and her MA in Publishing and Language from the Oxford Brookes University. Learn more about Ksenia here.

Stephanie Winter is a literary agent with P.S. Literary. Stephanie is primarily acquiring across three pillars: adult fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels. She’s actively seeking titles with diverse and inclusive representation that offer smart, culturally aware, and enriching narratives. In fiction, she particularly enjoys commercial and upmarket projects (rom-coms, thriller/suspense, etc.) that offer millennial and/or queer-affirming perspectives. In nonfiction, she’s on the hunt for pop culture, cultural criticism, millennial business and finance, narrative nonfiction, how-to, and lifestyle projects. Learn more about Stephanie here.

Mindi St. Peter is a literary manager at BAMbooks. In fiction, she seeks: action/adventure, children’s, commercial, crime, domestic thriller, erotica, family saga, fantasy, general, graphic novel, historical, horror, humor, LGBTQ, literary, middle grade, mystery, new adult, picture books, psychological thriller, romance, thriller, women’s fiction, young adult. In nonfiction, she seeks: humor, LGBTQ, memoir, pop culture. Favorite sub-genres: contemporary romance, contemporary YA, literary, middle grade, magical realism, narrative nonfiction, psychological thrillers. Learn more about Mindi here.

Maria Vicente is a senior literary agent at P.S. Literary Agency. Maria represents bold and innovative books for kids, teens, and curious adults. Her favorite books to work on show readers something new about the real world or invite them into new worlds they never want to leave. Maria is acquiring fiction and nonfiction for readers of all ages. She is looking for: literary fiction and upmarket speculative fiction (fantasy, magical realism, horror); young adult novels; middle grade novels; illustrated picture books; illustrated graphic novels, graphic memoirs, and graphic nonfiction; and narrative nonfiction for kids, teens, or adult readers about culture, arts and entertainment, history, and science topics. She welcomes and encourages submissions from BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled creators. Learn more about Maria here.


            More 2024 agents to be announced as they are confirmed. You can sign up for pitches at any time, or switch pitches at any time, so long as the agent in question still has appointments open.

These one-on-one meetings are an amazing chance to pitch your book face-to-face with an agent, and get personal, individual feedback on your pitch/concept. If the agent likes your pitch, they’ll request to see part/all of your book — sending you straight past the slush pile. It also gives you an intimate chance to meet with an agent and pick their brain with any questions on your mind.

(Please note that Agent/Editor Pitching is an add-on, separate aspect of the day, for only those who sign up. Spaces are limited for these premium meetings, and pricing/detail is explained below.)



$189 — EARLY BIRD base price for registration to the 2024 CWW and access to all workshops, all days. (You also get 10+ additional free pre-recorded webinars on writing and publishing.) As of fall 2023, registration is now OPEN.

Add $29 — to secure a 10-minute one-on-one meeting with any of our literary agents or editors in attendance. Use this special meeting as a chance to pitch your work and get professional feedback on your pitch. (Spaces limited.) If they wish, attendees are free to sign up for multiple 10-minute pitch sessions at $29/session — pitching multiple individuals. There is no limit. Here are quick testimonials regarding writers who have signed with literary agents after pitching them at prior Writing Day Workshops events. Our bigger, growing list of success stories can be seen here.

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 11.11.29 AM.png“I met my client, Alison Hammer, at the Writing
Workshop of Chicago and just sold her book.”
– literary agent Joanna Mackenzie of Nelson Literary

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.47.54 PM.png“Good news! I signed a client [novelist Aliza Mann]
from the Michigan Writing Workshop!”
– literary agent Sara Mebigow of KT Literary

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 12.56.10 PM“I signed author Stephanie Wright from
the Seattle Writing Workshop.”
– literary agent Kathleen Ortiz of New Leaf Literary

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 9.07.44 PM“I signed an author [Kate Thompson] that I
met at the Philadelphia Writing Workshop.”
– literary agent Kimberly Brower of Brower Literary

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 2.54.50 PM.png“I signed novelist Kathleen McInnis after meeting her
at the Chesapeake Writing Workshop.”

– literary agent Adriann Ranta of Foundry Literary + Media

Add $69 — for an in-depth, personal critique of your one-page query letter from Chuck Sambuchino, one of the workshop’s former instructors. (This rate is a special event value for Colorado Writing Workshop attendees only.) Registrants are encouraged to take advantage of the specially-priced critique, so they can send out their query letter with confidence following the workshop. Also, if you are meeting with an agent at the event, you’re essentially speaking your query letter aloud to them. Wouldn’t it be wise to give that query letter (i.e., your pitch) one great edit before that meeting?

Add $89 — for an in-depth personal critique of the first 10 pages of your novel. Spaces with faculty for these critiques are very limited, and participating attendees get a phone/Zoom critique meeting with the faculty member. Options:

  • Critique options forthcoming
  • More critique options possibly forthcoming.

How to pay/register — Registration is now open. Reach out to workshop organizer Brian Klems via email:, and he will provide specific instructions for payment and registration to get you a reserved seat at the event. Payment is by PayPal or check or credit card. Because Brian plans different workshops, make sure you note that you’re inquiring about the Colorado workshop specifically.


ONLINE: Writing Day Workshops plans both in-person and virtual/online conferences. The 2024 CWW is an Online Conference, on March 8-9. Online events are easy and awesome, and the virtual events we’ve done thus far have received wonderful feedback. You do not have to be tech-savvy to do this, and understand we are keeping all aspects of a traditional in-person event, including one-on-one agent & editor pitching, which will now be done by Zoom or phone. Learn all details about what it means to have a writers conference online.)

Are spaces still available? Yes, we still have spaces available. We will announce RIGHT HERE, at this point on this web page, when all spaces are taken. If you do not see a note right here saying how all spaces are booked, then yes, we still have room, and you are encouraged to register.

How to Register: The easy first step is simply to reach out to workshop organizer Brian Klems via email: He will pass along registration information to you, and give instructions on how to pay by PayPal or check or credit card. Once payment is complete, you will have a reserved seat at the event. The CWW will send out periodic e-mail updates to all registered attendees with any & all news about the event. Because Brian plans different workshops, make sure you note that you’re inquiring about the Colorado workshop specifically.

Refunds: If you sign up for the event and have to cancel for any reason at any time, you will receive 50% of your total payment back [sent by check or PayPal or CC refund]. The other 50% is nonrefundable and will not be returned, and helps the workshop ensure that only those truly interested in the limited spacing sign up for the event. (Please note that query editing payments and manuscript editing payments are completely non-refundable if the instructor has already started edited your work.)

Thank you for your interest in the Colorado Writing Workshop.

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