Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Mindi St. Peter of BAMbooks

Mindi St. Peter is a literary manager at BAMbooks.

In fiction, she seeks: Action/Adventure, Children’s, Commercial, Crime, Domestic Thriller, Erotica, Family Saga, Fantasy, General, Graphic Novel, Historical, Historical Horror, Horror, Humor, LGBTQ, Literary, Middle Grade, Mystery, New Adult, Picture Books, Poetry, Psychological Thriller, Romance, Thriller, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult.

In nonfiction, she seeks: Biography, Humor, Illustrated, LGBTQ, Memoir, Pop Culture

Favorite sub-genres: Contemporary Romance, Contemporary YA, Literary Middle Grade, Magical Realism, Narrative Nonfiction, Psychological Thrillers

Please do not pitch anything you have already independently or self-published.

Mindi taught herself to read at the age of three. She then demonstrated her newfound ability to her mother by climbing into her lap and reading to her from the Sunday comics. Mindi has been a voracious reader ever since.

Knowing how much reading was a positive and important part of her life made Mindi want to pass that gift on to as many people as she could. This is what made her decide to be a teacher of tiny humans. After getting her B.A. in Sociology, she went on to get her teaching certification and then her Masters of Science in Education. She has been teaching for 21 years.

Mindi is no stranger to the entertainment industry. For as long as she can remember, she has been surrounded by authors, voiceover artists, musicians and actors. She has been getting her feet wet in the entertainment industry for a few years now and is now ready to marry her unique abilities and aforementioned voracity so that she may help authors get their books into the hands of the perfect publishers. BAM Management is the perfect home for Mindi because she has the perfect balance of skill, a love for artists and a tenacity to see a book project from concept to completion.

Mindi lives in Huntington Beach, CA with her husband Dan, their two daughters Abigail and Juliana, and their bearded dragon named Thomas. They enjoy spending time with each other at home, on the beach, or traveling and three out of four of them love to read 😉

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