Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Erin Hosier of Dunow, Carlson and Lerner

Erin Hosier is a literary agent with Dunow, Carlson and Lerner.

Erin primarily works with nonfiction authors and has a special interest in popular culture, music biography, humor, women’s issues and memoir.

She grew up in rural Ohio, and lives in Brooklyn.

Erin is the author of the memoir Don’t Let Me Down (Atria, 2019), and the coauthor of Hit So Hard by Patty Schemel (Da Capo, 2017). She is the co-creator – with Elizabeth Thompson and Matthew Phillp – of the podcast TELL ME ABOUT YOUR FATHER. She has been a literary agent since 2001 (currently with Dunow Carlson & Lerner), and was an original co-host of the Literary Death Match.

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