Get to Know an Agent Scout in Attendance: Angie Hodapp of Nelson Literary

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.57.28 AM.pngAngie Hodapp is the Contracts and Royalties Manager for Nelson Literary. She is attending the conference on behalf of her agency as a talent scout for agency founder Kristin Nelson.

She wants to hear pitches for Kristin’s favorite categories, which are the following:

  • Young-adult and upper-level middle grade novels in all subgenres
  • Big crossover novels with one foot squarely in genre (Wool, The Night Circus, Gone Girl)
  • Literary commercial novels (Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, The Art of Racing in the Rain)
  • Upmarket women’s fiction (Keepsake, My Sister’s Keeper, Still Alice)
  • Single-title romance (historicals especially; Ravishing The Heiress, The Ugly Duchess, The Heir)
  • Lead title or hardcover science fiction and fantasy (Soulless, Game of Thrones, Old Man’s War)

The agency is looking for a good story well told. How you tell that story doesn’t need to fit in a neat little category. That said, please remember that Kristin/Angie does not want pitches for nonfiction, memoir, screenplays, short-story collections, poetry, children’s picture books or early reader chapter books, or material for the Christian/inspirational market.

Angie Hodapp graduated from the University of Denver Publishing Institute in 2002 and earned an M.A. in English from Colorado State University in 2010. She has worked as an editorial assistant at Colorado Review, as a project manager for a publisher of resources for educators, and as an editor in the magazine industry. She loves teaching classes of interest to writers—everything from writing craft and information design to query-letter boot camps and royalties-auditing workshops. She and her husband live in Denver with their two former shelter cats.

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