Get to Know an Agent Assistant in Attendance: Rose Friel of Maria Carvainis Agency

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 3.01.09 PMRose Friel is accepting pitches on behalf of agents Maria Carvainis and Elizabeth Copps from Maria Carvainis Agency, Inc. The agency represents New York Times bestsellers such as Mary Balogh, Sandra Brown, and Kristan Higgins. The list also includes timely nonfiction such as OFFICER CLEMMONS: A MEMOIR and MORE THAN MARMALADE, a middle grade biography of the creator of Paddington Bear. The agency is currently looking for authors who plan to make writing a career and have a deep love for the craft. Maria Carvainis believes that in addition to author’s editorial needs, it is essential to develop career and marketing plans for a successful career. Rose is personally looking for the contemporary fiction that electrifies you from top to toe, and fresh adaptations of classics with an #ownvoices twist. Narratives of fierce female friendship – even those with a slightly duplicitous nature – and the most dysfunctional family epics are also of interest.

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